Bike & Walk

Bike and Pedestrian Access

Map showing Alexander Street closed between the Lawrence Apartments and Glenview Drive

Construction work will close Alexander Street to pedestrians and bikers, who will not be able to cross waterways along Alexander Street until the project is complete.

Alternate Route

The D&R towpath will remain open. You can bike and walk between campus and offices along Canal Pointe Boulevard by traveling the Princeton side of the towpath between Washington Road and a pedestrian bridge approximately two miles south. This bridge connects to Wheeler Way and then Canal Pointe Boulevard in West Windsor. The West Windsor side of the towpath is not contiguous along this route. 

The Towpath is closed after sunset and is not plowed in winter. 

Transit Connections

Pedestrians and bicyclists can connect with campus shuttles at several locations along Canal Pointe Boulevard. The Princeton Junction train station is accessible by bike from Alexander Road in West Windsor.

Other Transportation Options

Do you live along Canal Pointe Boulevard? Bad weather and early sunsets can make walking and biking to campus difficult. Ease the stress of commuting by walking or biking through Transportation & Parking’s programs for graduate students and employees, which provide such options as carpooling, van pooling, mass transit and rides home in case of emergencies.