Driving to and from Campus

The best way to beat the traffic is good planning. Knowing your options before you leave will lead to the least stressful ride. 

Transportation officials expect the most congestion at the project’s start as commuters find new ways to work. Unexpected events, such as weather closings, will increase traffic during off-peak hours. 

The tools and services described below can help you find your best route.


Live traffic tools, push messages on current conditions and DOT dynamic message signs provide the most up-to-date information on traffic conditions around campus. 

Mobile Apps

Mobile traffic apps use data gathered from mobile users, fleet trucks and transportation agencies to show current traffic conditions, predict future conditions and find the best routes (some even suggest new routes as conditions change). A mobile traffic app is the best tool for navigating around traffic problems. Here are some of the better-known apps (this list is not exhaustive and Princeton doesn’t endorse any app. We provide this list only for your information):


Google Maps

Apple Maps

This app is available natively on iOS devices only.


Do you have a favorite navigation app not listed here? Let us know about it.


Princeton University community members can subscribe to Listserv email lists with their NetID:


Nixle is an emergency notification system used by municipal police departments to send public safety alerts. It will likely be the first way to learn about road closures in and around Princeton.

Learn more about Nixle, including how to sign up 

Revise Your Ride

Revise Your Ride is a University initiative that aims to reduce single-occupancy vehicles on campus. By biking, walking, carpooling, vanpooling or taking public transit to campus instead of driving alone, you can both reduce your commuting stress and ease congestion for fellow commuters who cannot get to campus any other way.

The Revise Your Ride program provides financial incentives for alternative commuting:

  • Bike or walk: get $400 annually

  • Ride the train: 50% subsidy

  • Ride the bus: 100% subsidy

  • Carpool: get $400 annually

  • Vanpool: get use of a University van + $200 annually

How to Revise Your Ride 

Looking for a carpool partner? Check our carpool database, Zimride.


There are no planned changes to University parking rules or enforcement.

Bad Weather

Rain and snow can suddenly introduce lots of cars on roads outside of peak times. Knowing about more than one driving route from campus can help all of us when those times arrive.

Not Sure About Your Transportation Options?

Contact Transportation and Parking Services customer service line at (609) 258-3157.

Traffic Updates by Text Message

Coming soon: Get current traffic conditions around campus pushed to your mobile phone by text/SMS. Subscribe to the email listserv and we will let you know when this service is ready.